Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Candy

Today I was going to post a pic of the gorgeous sympathy card I made for my sister and her family (her children lost their grandmother earlier this week) but the pics all came out blurry, and I made it quickly yesterday morning before we left for her house so I will have to recreate it for a happier event.

It's the craziest thing that I feel as though I spend so much time stamping and never have enough cards on hand to send out. My dear patient husband points this out frequently, usually as I am putting something together while getting dressed and putting on makeup. The bad thing about that is that sometimes the cards end up wearing more makeup than me! hehehe Tonight I am putting aside some time for stamping since we will have our grand-daughter for the weekend and there will be absolutely no extra time for stamping at that point!

We had a weekend that turned from a crazy busy to an even crazier week - so I never had a chance to post the winner of my blog candy drawing. Kim comments in my blog almost everytime I leave a post, so it was no surprise that her odds were great! And of course Emma pulled her name outta the hat - so to speak! I will be mailing that out to you this weekend - I hope you like the goodies I put together Kim!


  1. Oh, Katherine- you should of picked another name. But that is so sweet. I'm trying to get more of my customers to visit and comment, it's hard.

  2. Well Kim, that thought did cross my mind, but I figured if I did we'd probably just pick your name again anyway! Besides I really like sharing the cool things I find to copy!


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