Monday, March 12, 2012

Dabbling With Steampunk

I have been working on some Steampunk Cards for an upcoming class. I have been having a blast putting these cards together from a variety of stamp sets including Artistic Etchings, Many Mustaches, and Precious Butterflies! I hope all you stampers out there see the mustaches as the flying keys they are. Neither of my girls saw it, I had to explain...

This second card was cased from one on Stampin' Connection (a website for Demonstrators) by Sara Levin. I'm sorry I can't link it for you - she doesn't have a blog.

You'll have to sign up as a Demonstrator if you want to see her post - let me know if I can help you with that and we'll get it started! Otherwise come back soon to see the other cards that will be part of this class.

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow!! These are great! I love how you used the game spinner hands!

  2. Ohh I love steampunk ... great job with these!

  3. How fun! Love how you found ways to incorporate so many disparate elements and make them work together so beautifully.

  4. Love the game spinners on there. Great job with all the different elements coming together for that Steampunk feel.

  5. Neat ideas. This is a style that I just can't do! Congrats on working with it!


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