Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stamping in Steampunk Class Today

Awhile back I posted a couple of pictures for an upcoming Steampunk Class. Those are the cards we'll be making today - along with this final card:
It needs a little more in the background I think, so I'll probably play with it a bit more in class. I have enough supplies for a couple more to join in! There is room for two more attendees - call Tanya @ 413-283-4448 and tell her I sent you if you want to join today's class! We are starting at 1:00 - Life's Memories and More - School House Commons - 1085 Park St, Palmer, MA Class Fee: $12


  1. That is super cool looking! I love the necklace on the bird!

  2. Love the color of the bird and the addition of the key charm. Very striking!

  3. Ditto on the key charm comments - and the bird color is fab!

  4. Love the rhinestones on the bird's neck! Sounds like a fun class!


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