Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Updated Blog List

Long before I started my own blog, I was saving other stamping blogs under my favorites. Well my husband has decided to grace me with a newer laptop, so I needed to update my list so I can continue to check out all these great blogs - and now I can peek from anywhere when I need a little break or 'sunshine' during my day. There are so many talented Stampin' Up demos out there, I love seeing so many different things that can be created using the same materials - it's truly amazing!

The new computer makes uploading photos so much easier, I can just insert the card right out of the camera, but it will be much easier to use when Rick gets around to installing Word for me. I don't think I truly appreciate how useful that program is, and how much I use it until I don't have it. So until then I am between two laptops, one in the bedroom and one in the living room!

As soon as everyone is up, I will post some new projects for the week!

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