Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stampin Space Made-Over

After my determination that my Stamping Space was in sore need of a make-over (I could not even work in here!) I decided that I needed to reorganize and purge. I actually found 4 empty boxes were taking up valuable space! So here is what I came up with:

This is my reorganized and newly positioned cutting station. Now that it's right beside my desk, I can easily reach whatever I need! I am no longer concerned about blocking off this door - it never gets used, and leaving a path to it obviously wasn't working either!

These metal containers used to live on my front porch as window boxes, but after two seasons exposed to the rain and sun, it was obvious that they would not survive another summer. However - they do fit all of my dies nicely, including the extra long ones. Its nice to no longer have to rummage through various drawers to find what I need!

The desk in this position makes it great to reach anything I need in the drawers underneath. Previously I would have to push in my chair just to open those drawers! As an added bonus sitting in front of all those windows allows me to watch Emma when she is outside playing and riding her bike!

I love my new ink pad storage - these are the little containers that used to fit inside those metal window boxes turned die storage! They fit the ink pads and coordinating markers nicely. No more pulling drawers out to find my ink pads!

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