Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Tonight we are celebrating one more birthday in our family. Rick will be....well lets just say he's getting old enough that birthdays are starting to hit hard! Last night I had a brilliant idea - nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh? - to invite his sisters and their families over for a surprise celebration. hopefully they will arrive here just before he gets home - teehee - I think even Emma kept this one a surprise!

Anyway this is the card I made for him. It didn't turn out quite like I expected but I had no time to go back and fix it up, you know with needing to clean up the house after a week of mad stamping, and cooking a dinner for 15 on a day's notice. All I can say is thank goodness for oblivious husbands who walk by dining room tables in the dark, not noticing the three bowls of dip. And thank goodness too for cold New England nights and old houses with unheated pantrys! hehe

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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