Monday, January 23, 2012

Mission Re-Organization

I decided last week to give up my stamp room for my son to use as storage space- it was getting cold in there anyway - and decided to try and hide my business away in the rest of my house. I started by weeding out my old and retired stamps. A couple of very nice people walked away with some amazing deals! Then I moved my newly organized stamps into a new home:

And put my desk into an empty corner of our dining room. The ink pads on top are easy enough to tuck into a closet if we decide we need the dining room for a party or get together. Unless of course we are stamping, which takes place at the table behind it! Anyway here is where all my magic happens!

Onto storage for other stuff. I think I did pretty good here. (Please ignore any cobwebs you might spy) There are stamping supplies stored on every shelf and in each basket, bucket and repurposed drawer. In the small photo storage boxes I have ribbons sorted by color, markers, watercolor pencils, smooch, pearls and crystals, reinkers, etc. All neatly organized and easy to find - for me - not so easy for curious grandchildren....well on second thought at least they are easy to put on top! There are two of these, one on each side of our front window:

The only drawback about living in an old house is teeny and unheated rooms!
I'm thinking of using another deep antique picnic basket I have for my Big Shot, and I still need a paper solution....but I'm working on that. Its nice to be able to work on projects and still interact with my family...the heat is a nice feature too. Anyway, I guess you can see why I haven't posted any new projects in the past week or so!

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