Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remembering Patriots Day

I turned on the radio yesterday afternoon to hear there had been two explosions at the Boston Marathon. The first report I heard said they were thought to be electrical related, but as I changed the station, words can't even begin to describe the shock I felt as I then heard it had been two bombs. I've known many who have participated in this race as runners, and so many more that make it a day trip to go into the city.

Of course the Boston Marathon has been an event to watch around here for as long as I can remember, tuning in during the afternoon to see who will win. Also, having grown up so close to Concord, Lexington and Boston it's always invoked a feeling of pride to be so closely connected to the birth of our country. I love walking around those old paths, standing on the Old North Bridge, looking at the Lexington Green, and visiting the homes of the families who were so brave in those early days of our nation.

I am grateful that friends and family who were nearby when these explosions took place are safe and sound, but truly I'm at a loss to say much more about the events of yesterday, except the victims of this attack will be first and foremost in my mind today, and many more days to come.

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